Welcome to the colours gallery
A bit of information regarding the Maine Coon colours and patterns.
Maine Coons come in quite a number of colours. Loosely speaking they are then split into tabbies and solids.
A couple of things to note here -
Tabby is a pattern as opposed to the popular thought that it is a colour. As you will see here tabby can be of not only brown but also blue, silver, red, cream, tortie to name just some.
Solid again contrary to belief a solid is not a cat of all one colour, ie a pure black cat, they can be with white to the feet and chest for instance. Solid means no pattern or stripes of any description also called non-agouti.
There are a lot of advertisements that claim that certain colours are rare. Not true! By selective breeding a red girl for instance is not rare, silvers are not rare, smokes are not rare. Therefore do not be led into these so called rare colours commanding a higher prices. There are also colours that cannot be produced from certain parentage. Please feel free to talk to us if you would like to ask anything about colours of the Maine Coon.
I hope our gallery helps.
BROWN TABBY (with or without white)
BLUE TABBY (with or without white)
RED TABBY Series (with or without white)
includes cream, red silver, cream silver
SILVER TABBY Series (with or without white)
includes blue silver,
TORTIE TABBY series (with or without white)
include blue tortie, silver tortie, blue silver tortie,
SOLIDS  (with or without white)
includes smokes
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includes tabbies or solids with high white.