Maine Coons UK Maine Coons UK Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge
By the ocean far away where sky meets with the sand
A bridge leans over dancing waves to a beautiful new land
I did not want to say goodbye or let you make your way
Across the bridge to fields of green, I yearned for you to stay
Just one more day, just one more hug, I begged the angels for
But as they beckoned you I knew, their need for you was more
They'll watch over you I'm sure, just like I knew they would
But can they love you as I did? Nobody ever could!!!

© Mandy Hopkins (Oceanaria Maine Coons)
In tears I've cried a river in words I've made a book
The times that I stare endlessly without a second look
I clear my tears and look again to where I know you lay
I wish and wish and pray so hard to have you back each day
I cant believe that your not here, no more are you around
To trill to me in your own voice, that lovely Maine Coon sound
I miss you sat upon my chair looking regal as you were
Your soft head leaning in my hands, your reassuring purr
I know you left me not through choice you never would do that
My dearest friend, my loyal friend, my special Coonie Cat
Mandy Hopkins (Oceanaria Maine Coons)
Written for Alison Milligan - Westlakes Maine Coons
A place for those who will always have a place in our hearts
Each and every one of our fur babies still deserve to have their own page.
Please visit the links below to learn a bit about them and what they meant to our family.
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Goodnight Sweet Tommy
At the age of just 9wks and 5 days the sweetest of kittens was taken from us as a result of a tragic accident. To say we are devastated is an understatement.
My sincere apologies to the Byrom family, i so wish you could of known the love of this beautiful, gentle little boy.
Run free at Rainbow Bridge Tommy, you were taken far far too soon and in such a cruel way. I cannot believe they were in need of another angel right now.
Now only time can start to heal the total shock and the hole that you have left.
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